Svartskär. This project investigates potential use of flotsam rope. Everything between trawling nets and cut-off anchor cables can be found on beaches all across the globe.
        Polypropene is the most common plastic in this context and it decomposes quickly when exposed to the sun leaving small bits of plastic which are released into the environment. Biologists have clearly shown that it affects marine life negatively, but one doesn't know exactly how and to what extent. To clean up beaches often end up on the shoulders of local people.

        During the process I investigated different techniques and their implementation in furniture. This investigation led me to grafting, commonly used to cover fragile objects for decoration or protection onboard traditional sailing ships. The rope I used comes from the shores of Kosterhavet, Swedens only marine national park.

        The project was exhibited at the Swedish Presence exhibition, in La Pelota, Milan Design Week 2014.


Photo: Martin Gustavsson

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